Concierge Apps: Is it the Future of Hotel Technology?

You must be kidding if you think that you can ignore technology and run your business as usual. Whatever is your business, a great way to differentiate your business is to innovate constantly. If innovative technologies are implemented correctly, they can boost your hotel business by:

  • Generating revenue
  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Increased Customer loyalty

    Over the years, mobile apps have dived deeper into major technological innovations which have redefined the hospitality industry.

concierge mobile  apps

Mobile, no longer a trend…

According to an infographic data published by, U.S. alone has about 91.4 million smartphone users. To call it a big market would be an understatement as mobile is no longer a trend but rather it’s here to stay for long. Businesses all around the world are taking advantage of the “mobile consumerism” and the hotel industry is not an exception. Hoteliers now have the opportunity to get on the mobile wagon and enjoy a variety of mobile apps such as check in/out apps, food beverage apps and concierge apps.

Yes, there’s an app for concierges …

Before I get into the discussion on how concierge apps are helping the hotel industry, it is better to say what actually are those apps.

A concierge app is basically a virtual integration that allows guests to access all the luxury services available in hotels , all at your fingertips. It also provides the freedom to customise the details of your stay before and during the visit.

Hotel concierge apps have become a “must-have” for major hotel brands (such as Marriott, Four Seasons, Wyndham). Having these mobile apps help hotels to understand guest behavior so that they can deliver services according to their needs before arrival on premises. With recent embracing of mobile technologies, many hotel brands have engaged their own or third party concierge solutions to initiate easy room service and speedy communication with staff. This is basically done to personalise guest stays even better.

Thus, it’s no surprise that hotels are looking to increase communication with their guests as that brings on more revenue per room or through repeat bookings.

Business Abilities

Mobile concierge platforms provide a variety of opportunities for the hotels to build their brand applications to drive business. A perfect example would be Gansevoort Hotel Group who integrated service-on-demand application via Alice app which provides convenient features to the guests. At just a click guests can easily get their drinks delivered at the pool tables. These will surely elevate the moods of the guests and increase loyalty and prompt favourable reviews.

Branded versus third party

While some hotel brands might have the necessary technological infrastructure to develop their own concierge solutions while others depend on third-party agents. Integrating customer service in concierge mobile apps have provided a major opportunity for the hotel brands as this will create new revenue streams.

Final take away

There is increased productivity when concierge mobile apps are available on multiple platforms. This benefits the hotel brands tremendously. Guests no longer have to line up at the concierge desk to get help with related services. Hotel staffs are more readily available to attend the guests. As concierge apps is still a new technology, it makes hotels to stand out in the industry.

As for the guests, it will give them an opportunity to choose vacation activities as per their preference. Customised itinerary section shall also be provided to the guests keeping their needs and priorities in mind. These services will create a unique perspective in the guests mind making their trip enjoyable. A concierge app allows guests to request room service, extra linens, dining reservations and even to switch rooms. Thus, there is nothing that a concierge app cannot do that a person on a phone can handle.

So what’s the wait, why not make a concierge app for your hotel to let guests have a memorable experience at your hotel. To make a fantastic concierge app with customisation options, consult us at