One of the big headlines last year was that mobile internet usage surpassed desktop internet usage. But now, there is more to add to the story: Not only has the number of mobile internet users has overtaken the desktop users, mobile app usage has also out shadowed the desktop usage. This has been a matter of interest to all the retailers. With Mobilegeddon eliminating all doubts about the importance of mobile, retailers, not just the big players are re-thinking about their mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Apps
Retail Mobile Apps

Smartphones are changing the way retailers interact with their consumers both online and in stores. Consumers are empowered by the various facilities provided to them, from researching products to looking for coupons or purchasing items instantly regardless of the location. With this mobile mind shift, retailers need to fundamentally change their mobile strategies to drive business outcomes. The demand for easy, fast and personalised services by the consumers are making retailers find new ways to satisfy their demands. This greater focus on consumer experience is driving retailers to look for new opportunities and partnerships to embrace mobile strategies as a part of their business.

In addition to marketing, mobile apps can benefit the retail business in many other ways. Let us see how:

  • Enhance customer engagement: Whatever your retail business is about, consumers are always in search of ways to reach you. That is the reason it is very important to have a dedicated mobile app with help desk or messaging feature to enhance communication with customers. Apart from this, reviews provided by customers on app stores and various other app downloading sites also provide an important platform to engage with them.
  • Build customer loyalty: The target customers might tend to get confused with so many advertisements out there. Although people tend to think that adverts are aimed to maximise customer reach but sometimes, they tend to create a negative impact on them. And thus, retailers should consider creating an app to be closer to their customers as the app is always available at their fingertips.
  • Boost brand awareness: When a retail business has its own mobile app, it significantly contributes towards creating brand awareness among customers. Your mobile app acts like a billboard sign giving you the ability to make it either informative, functional, stylish or even shocking. Nevertheless, apps should have features that customers will like and so it should be beautifully designed and well-branded.
  • Standing out of the competition: Mobile apps for retail business and SME’s are very rare and so retailers can take advantage and stand out in the competition. When retailers create an app for their business, they are rest assured to win customers into their line of products and services.
  • Value creation with loyalty programs: With retail mobile apps, different types of loyalty programs can be created whereby customers can collect rewards through an app. These will attract many customers to download and install on your mobile phones. Variety of online services are also available to develop such mobile-based loyalty programs for customers.

Thus, retailers should definitely consider developing a mobile app for their retail business. There is a huge market and customers are definitely going to use it. Moreover, the good news for the retail industry is that the cost of developing mobile apps has significantly reduced. Now, getting one dedicated mobile app for your business won’t cost much especially if an in-house team is available to do the work or using online app building tools to get your apps at affordable costs.

So what’s the wait, why not build a mobile app for your retail business to stand out in the competition? Confused to choose the right development partner? No worries !! Just consult and they can help you get your app ideas turned into reality.